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The El Paso Airport is a small, yet International Airport with a southwest look and feel. Information desks, restaurants, and gift shops are easy to access before as well as after the security line. The terminals aren't far from each other and the lines through security are usually pretty fast.

The Soluna Hotel is only about 2.5 miles away from the El Paso Airport. Traffic between the Hotel and Airport is usually medium to light both ways, making the drive only about 5-6 minutes. Directions are very easy as it's almost a straight shot for the whole distance, with only one turn at the corner of Montana Ave and Airway Blvd. There is no freeway driving required.

Shuttle/Taxi Services

Airport Shuttle service, call 915-780-4749. (Shuttle service for the Airport only)
American Shuttle - call 915-630-5935. $25 for a family of four + luggage. For larger groups, call for quote. They use a SUV for the families and a larger van for the large groups.
Checker Cab - call 915-532-2626. (approx: $10 to $12 for one person)
Border-City Cab - call 915-533-4220. (approx: $10 to $12 for one person)

Airport Parking

Parking at the El Paso Airport is relatively easy and affordable, with handicap parking available for people with disabilities and free parking for veterans with disabilities. With over 5,000 spaces available, finding a place to park your vehicle should be little to no problem. Walking from the parking lot and through the front entrance, you can glide through the entire process quickly and get right to your terminal. See a map of the airport parking lot »

Soluna Parking

Parking at the Soluna Hotel is free, with enough space to accommodate any vehicle. The parking lot is well-lit and visible from Paisano Dr. There is enough parking space for Uhaul/ trailers in our parking lot. Semi-trucks normally park on the side of the hotel.

Directions To and From The El Paso Airport

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